3 documents to be checked in Diploma Verification

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3 documents to be checked in Diploma VerificationBackground checking of prospective employees in the recruitment process has become a common practice in various industries, both within Indonesia and aboard. Diplomas and other competency certificates are few of the mandatory documents that are usually verified. Companies continue to face difficult challenges with the increasing number of document counterfeiting cases.

Perpetrators of counterfeiting no longer seem to be offering their services covertly—the internet enables a widespread of document forgery due to its convenience and ease of access, ranging from services for forgery of national identity cards, education certificates and diplomas, as well as driver’s licenses.

The impact of diploma and certificate counterfeiting

Many parties are harmed by the use of fake diplomas and documents. The first and most discernible party harmed by this activity would be the educational institution whose name has been used in the fake diploma. The second would be the companies that hire those candidates with fake diplomas.

Third, of course, is the wider community that interacts with office holders or professionals whose diplomas are not in accordance with their competencies. For example, a doctor with a fake diploma certainly has the potential to commit malpractice because his fake diploma does not represent his competence as a doctor.

From a legal point of view, there are actually several regulations to fight this crime. The law provides clear sanctions for perpetrators of forgery (Criminal Law (KUHP) Article 263) as well as users of diplomas or fake documents (Law No. 20 of 2003).

However, counterfeiting and the use of counterfeit diplomas will be difficult to eradicate if they are not supported by many parties in an integrated manner, including by educational institutions that issue the certificates, companies or agencies that receive employees, law enforcement, reports from the public, and third parties who offer educational certificate document verification services, such as Education Verification.

The verification of education diploma

Education Verification is here to bridge and make it easier for universities to answer the alumni diploma verification process. Through the “one-stop” platform, verification requests are no longer accepted through various means, such as email and telephone. In addition, the platform is built to meet compliance standards regarding personal data.

Before carrying out the verification process, Education Verification will request an approval letter signed by the alumni, authorizing the applicant (company) and Education Verification to verify the information contained in the diploma/document you want to verify.

From our experience of more than 20 years in conducting background checks on candidates, the mandatory documents that are usually requested for verification are:

  1. Education Certificate
  2. Certificate of Graduation (SKL)
  3. Transcript of Grades/GPA Grades

The Education Verification platform can be used free of charge for universities who wish to collaborate. Enjoy the conveniences that are available and help alumni get their dream job faster.

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