5 Advantages of Using a One-Stop Verification Platform

By Posted 12 January 2021 March 23rd, 2021 Articles

verification platformVerifying the authenticity of diplomas, certificates and documents is a best practice that is increasingly being implemented by educational institutions and companies as part of good corporate governance to maintain their reputation. However, in practice, certificate verification by telephone, email, and fax is often inefficient and unaccountable.

Risks associated with verification

There are several risks that may occur, including privacy violations. Requests coming from several channels, which are not centralized can put data at risk of being dispersed. Another risk is the access of data to unauthorized parties. 

This is possible especially if the applicant does not include a consent letter from the person who is to be verified to allow other parties to access their personal information. A centralized verification platform is the answer to this problem as candidates can be verified through one door.


Centralization and accountability

By verifying through a centralized platform, you will get several benefits, such as the following:

  1. The verification meets the requirements of good corporate governance due to the availability of consent letters.
  2. It will be easier for your staff to manage requests and set up workflows to conduct the verification process more efficiently.
  3. Management of educational institutions can monitor the verification process carried out by the assigned staff.
  4. Educational institutions have more control over other parties. Hence, data security is more guaranteed.
  5. A real-time update feature on the platform will make it easier to monitor and record all information and activities that were carried out. This will ensure that both the process and the results are accountable. 

With a one-stop verification platform, the certificate verification process will be more efficient in terms of time and resources. All results are accountable and are guaranteed to be accurate.


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