5 Benefits of Verifying Professional Certificates

By 22 April 2024 Articles

professional certificateAre you finding it increasingly challenging to navigate the competitive job market? Are concerns about the authenticity of professional qualifications keeping you up at night? Nowadays these are common worries faced by individuals and companies alike, emphasizing the critical need for authenticating professional certificates. Brevet taxation, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) are some examples of professional certificates.

Unfortunately, there are many job seekers who falsify these certificates in order to get recognition for competencies that they do not actually have. Moreover, expired certificates add another layer of uncertainty, casting doubt on the ongoing competency of the holder.

The Importance of Verifying Professional Certificates

There are professional certificates that do have an expiration date and require renewal for various reasons, such as competency updates, changes in standards, new technologies, or re-evaluation for due diligence.

Due to this phenomenon, it is important for individuals or job seekers and employers to verify the authenticity of professional certificates.

The function of a professional certificate can no longer be categorized as a supporting document for an educational diploma. Even for some agencies that prioritize the skills of their employee candidates, professional certificates have an absolute role.

Verifying professional certificates becomes crucial to validate workers’ actual competencies which can actually bring a lot of benefits. Let’s explore in detail the five key benefits below:

  • Ensuring Competence: In an era where qualifications can be exaggerated or falsified, how can you be confident that a candidate’s claimed competencies align with reality? Authenticating certificates is the solution. By verifying that individuals meet the rigorous standards set by reputable institutions, you ensure that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.
  • Public Safety: Do you operate in industries where skills directly impact the safety of customers, employees, or patients? Consider professions like pilots, doctors, crane operators, or mine vehicle drivers. Authenticating professional certificates becomes crucial in such scenarios. It helps ensure that these professionals are continuously qualified to perform their job tasks, thereby maintaining public safety standards.
  • Maintaining Quality: How crucial is it for your organization to maintain a high-quality workforce? Authenticating certificates plays a pivotal role in upholding quality standards. By verifying the authenticity of professional qualifications, you ensure that only skilled and competent individuals hold genuine certificates. This not only enhances the overall competency level within your workforce but also boosts productivity and efficiency.
  • Minimizing Losses: Have you ever experienced the repercussions of hiring based on falsified credentials? The impact can be substantial, ranging from financial losses to damage to your company’s reputation. Authenticating professional certificates helps minimize these risks. By ensuring that candidates possess legitimate qualifications, you mitigate the chances of hiring individuals who may not have the required skills, thereby reducing potential losses and preserving your organization’s integrity.
  • Preserving Institution Credibility: Are you concerned about the reputation of the institutions issuing professional certificates? The prevalence of falsified credentials can significantly undermine the credibility of these institutions. Authenticating certificates not only safeguards the reputation of these institutions but also instills trust in their graduates. This trust is vital for maintaining strong relationships with employers and stakeholders.

Verification Made Easy

Broadly speaking, there are several steps to verify professional certificates. First, check the credibility of the institution issuing the certificate. Second, verify the certificate number. Third, verify the identity of the certificate holder. Fourth, check the signature and stamp of the issuing institution.

Seems simple? No. In fact, the verification process requires time, effort, and significant costs which can impact the overall operations of your organization. 

However, there’s no need to worry. Professional certificate verification can be done more effectively and efficiently through the Education Verification platform. This one-stop verification platform collaborates with various credible institutions and organizations in Indonesia to ensure the authenticity of verified professional certificates which offers several benefits, such as:

  • Easy and fast process. Simply upload a copy of your certificate to our Education Verification website. Get the results within 2-5 working days.
  • Accurate and reliable. With a two-step verification process conducted by our experienced team and supervised by the issuing institution, you can trust the accuracy and reliability of your verified certificates.
  • Professional and solution-oriented service. Experience professional assistance and solution-oriented service from our Education Verification team to address any questions or hurdles you face during the verification process, ensuring your investment is protected and your needs are met with utmost care

Verifying professional certificates is an important step to ensure the credibility of individuals as professionals. Click the button below to verify your professional certificate.

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