Avoid Bad Hiring! The Importance of Accurate Educational Verification in the Recruitment Process

By 27 May 2024 Articles

bad hiringThe recruitment process is not a simple task for a company. Various factors determine the success of this process, and mistakes in hiring employees are not uncommon. What are these factors? How important is educational verification for a company during recruitment? And what additional benefits can be gained from this?

One factor leading to recruitment issues is the discrepancy between a candidate’s claims about their educational background and the actual facts. Therefore, companies need to verify the educational qualifications of their candidates.

Unfortunately, verifying a candidate’s educational history is not an easy task. There are cases where the information on the provided diploma does not match the official data available on public sites, making further verification challenging. These difficulties may arise because, for instance, the educational institution has ceased operations or the graduation period of a candidate was quite long ago, over 20 years.

Moreover, in many cases, verifying educational qualifications requires considerable time and effort. This is why using third-party services that specialize in educational verification becomes a crucial consideration.

Accuracy of Verification Results

One of the main reasons companies should use third-party services like Education-Verification is to ensure the accuracy of the verification results. Professional third parties conduct thorough checks using extensive resources and networks.

An example of a case involves a candidate who applies to a company and provides a photocopy of his education certificate as a supporting document. However, after a third party conducted verification, a discrepancy was found, revealing that public records indicated the candidate did not complete his studies and withdrew mid-course. Therefore, the validity of the candidate’s provided diploma was questioned.

Based on these findings, the team from Education-Verification conducted further verification by directly contacting the relevant university. In this case, the verification revealed that the candidate had indeed graduated and their diploma was genuine. The discrepancy occurred because the university had not updated its public records.

From the university’s perspective, the presence of a third party that successfully verified such discrepancies benefits their alumni during the recruitment process.

Why Choose Education Verification?

Accurate information and document authenticity are the primary goals of Education-Verification as a user-friendly single-point platform. Additionally, it offers several other advantages for companies in their recruitment process and for universities issuing diplomas:

  • Easy and practical verification process

For companies: They only need to submit a verification request through the platform along with the necessary supporting documents. The verification results are completed within two to five working days.

For universities: Alumni diploma verification requests are now centralized on one platform, eliminating the need for emails, letters, or phone calls.

  • Security of personal data¬†

For companies: The platform requires a consent letter from alumni before starting the verification process, complying with Personal Data Protection (PDP) regulations.

For universities: The platform includes data retention features, ensuring all alumni diploma verification requests are automatically deleted periodically.

  • Assurance of accuracy and accountability of verification results¬†

For companies: The measurable time frame for obtaining verification results allows the recruitment process to proceed as planned.

For universities: The platform provides a two-step verification process feature, ensuring the accuracy and accountability of the verification results issued.

With the presence of the Education Verification platform, university alumni can more easily secure jobs, and companies can acquire high-integrity human resources. This easy, practical, and accurate verification process ensures that companies can avoid recruitment mistakes and select the best candidates.

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