Certificates with QR Codes: A step towards reducing document counterfeiting

By Posted 29 August 2022 November 10th, 2022 Articles

QR codeThe rise in document falsification cases poses a big challenge that must be faced by several parties, namely educational institutions, companies or institutes, and the community as a whole. One of the main reasons for the widespread cases of diploma falsification is the increasingly tough competition in the job market.

Stakeholders and authorities no longer seem to be remaining silent regarding the issue of fake diploma circulation. In India, for example, the state government of Maharashtra launched a new blockchain verification system to prove the authenticity of diplomas.

In Indonesia, one of the efforts taken by the Ministry of Education and Culture is releasing and enforcing a National Diploma Numbering System (PIN). The purpose of this system is to ensure that diplomas are issued from accredited universities with operational licenses.

Double Authenticity Check with QR Code and FingerPrint ID

Furthermore, third-party diploma verification methods now exist, such as the systems used by Education Verification. This verification system is supported by the latest technology to prevent counterfeiting, such as the use of QR codes and Fingerprint ID.

Hence, to prevent document falsification, the Education Verification platform uses a double security system called Double Authenticity Check. To access diploma verification, one must pass through the QR Code and Fingerprint ID security systems.

The QR Code and Fingerprint ID systems function to maintain the security of digital documents issued by Education Verification. The existence of the two methods of verification is to ensure the authenticity of digital documents, with the ability to detect falsified or even modified certificates.

Document verification is done by scanning the QR code, which redirects the user to a link. If the results are found to be valid, it means that the contents of the document are original and valid.

Staying user-friendly

QR Codes on diplomas can be useful to secure the user’s personal data and can be accessed easily through the scan feature on a smartphone, which will automatically display the diploma’s data owned by the user.

The purpose of the QR Code method in remaining user-friendly is so that all persons of interest can easily verify the authenticity of a diploma. This in turn narrows job opportunities for users of fake diplomas in various sectors.

Simultaneously, universities as diploma issuers can help smoothen the certificate verification process by using the Education Verification platform service.

As an experienced online diploma verification platform, Education Verification is a partner for universities in providing diploma and certificate verification services. Our platform is provided free of charge to universities that cooperate with us exclusively.

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