Ensuring Integrity: A Call to Action for Employment Background Verification and Academic Collaboration

By 29 January 2024 Articles

employment background screeningIn today’s demanding business environment, where both productivity and regulatory compliance are paramount, conducting background checks on new hires is no longer optional. It is essential for all organizations, whether profit-driven or non-profit.  

Background checks on prospective employees encompasses verifying the authenticity of documents relevant to their education and employment history. Document verification is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy of information submitted by the applicants.

A recent case in a company’s employment history check emphasizes the significance of a thorough verification of the information provided by applicants. In this case, contradictions were discovered in the applicant’s claims on their CV, leading to the discovery of fraudulent documents.

Document authenticity check

The individual claimed to have been employed by a reputable company between early 2020 and mid-2023. However, upon cross-checking with the company’s Human Resources department, it was discovered that the information provided by the candidate regarding the end of the working term did not align with the company’s internal records. 

To confirm the mismatch, at least three documents can be verified:

  1. Certificate of employment. An official document from the candidate’s prior employer that includes information about the duration of employment, job title, and job responsibilities.
  2. Salary slip. This document provides details of the wages paid during the course of work.
  3. Reference or recommendation letter. A letter from a former supervisor describing the candidate’s performance and contributions while working under his or her direction.

In this case, the candidate was also asked to provide the salary slip as one of the documents for verification. Further investigation revealed that the company’s human resources department had never made a salary payment on the date listed on the slip. They confirmed that the pay slip submitted by the candidate was forged.

Transforming Background Checks

In response to the growing demand for background verification of prospective employees, Education Verification extends an invitation to universities for collaboration, aiming to streamline the process of verifying alumni certificates. The objective is to make the verification process more automated and efficient compared to conventional methods, for several compelling reasons: 

  • Efficiency in time and resources. The automation of the diploma verification process allows academic personnel to allocate their time towards other essential activities.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Universities as our partners will receive detailed reports summarizing the results of the verification process. These well-documented verification requests can be valuable for partners in conducting tracer studies.
  • Adherence to regulations. Regulatory compliance is paramount in the background check process. The Education Verification platform ensures the availability of consent letters signed by alumni before commencing the verification procedure.
  • Facilitating prompt employment for alumni. Recognizing that a significant portion of verification requests originates from companies assessing potential hires, partners can expedite the diploma verification process for their graduates using the services offered by the Education Verification platform.

Such as we believe that through this collaborative effort, both Universities and the platform can mutually benefit by creating a more efficient, regulated, and mutually rewarding system for background verification processes. Your partnership is crucial in achieving these goals and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the verification procedures.


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