Questions and Answers

About Education Verification™

What is Education Verification™?

Education VerificationTM is a service from Integrity Asia which provides a screening on educational background

What can we do for you?

We verify educational background of a candidate, which includes enrolment, certification, degree attained graduation and credibility of universities and colleges.

How it works?

Do I need to create an account before making order?

You do not need to. You can make order for your screening. You will enter your personal information which will be used for your account at the checkout.

How many countries does Education VerificationTM cover?

We cover countries all over the world which is 199 countries

About Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Stripe
  • Credit Card

How can I be refund?

Well, It depends

Education Verification™ Partner

Who can be partners for Education VerificationTM?

Universities and background check companies .

I work for a university, how can I become partner?

You can become our partner as a verifier by contacting us via email to or phone call to +62 21 – 7698277

We are a background check company, how can I become partner?

In order to provide the best TAT to our clients, we welcome to background check companies all over the world. You can contact us via email to or phone call to +62 21–7698277