Questions and Answers

About Education Verification

What is Education Verification?

Education Verification is a service from Integrity Asia  that allows employers to request verification of educational diplomas and certificates believed to be issued by respective universities and certification bodies.

What can we do for you?

We verify the educational background of a candidate, which includes enrolment, certification, and degree attained.

How it works?

Do I need to create an account before requesting for a verification?

No, you do not. To request for a verification, you only need to place an order for your screening. You will enter your personal information, which will be used for your account upon checkout.

How many countries does Education Verification cover?

We cover all 199 countries around the world.

About Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Stripe
  • Credit Card

Education Verification Partner

Who can be partners for Education Verification?

Universities and Certification Institutions.

I work for a university, how can I become a partner?

You can be our partner as a verifier. Contact us via email at :; or call +62 21 – 2782 4248 or 0 800 140 1838 (Toll Free – Indonesia only)