Case Study : Integrity Asia as a Witness in a Case Education Document Forgery

By Posted 17 March 2021 April 7th, 2021 Case Study

Since our establishment in 2001, we have witnessed various cases of fraud, one of which is the falsification of educational documents and information contained therein, such as the Pass Certificate (SKL), GPA scores, and educational level. Cases where candidates never actually attended the university even occur.

There was a case where a company in Indonesia was in the process of recruiting a candidate for the first entry level. Integrity Asia was trusted by the company as a partner to check the candidate’s background. In this case, the candidate provided SKL, which serves as a proof of temporary diploma.

Fake graduation certificate

In conducting the screening process, the first step that our team usually carries out is to verify the provided documents through the official government website as a data reference. At this stage, the team found that there was a discrepancy on the student’s status. On the website, the candidate was listed as an active student in the first semester. The team then conducted further enquiries with the relevant university for verification.

The university confirmed through an official letter that the candidate is still registered as an active student and is still far from graduating. The result was indeed a red flag.

Knowing that fake SKL could be in circulation, the university conducted further investigation by inviting our team as a witness on the findings.

The team attended the meeting and provided information on how the fake SKL got to us. After obtaining sufficient information, the university proceeded the case to the Student Discipline Committee.

Fake transcript and diploma

Similar cases also occurred in other regions. The team verifies the educational diploma and transcripts of prospective employees according to clients’ requests. Certificate and transcript verification is done through direct university visits. Some universities confirmed that the documents were never issued. These red flags are reflected in our reports, which are then submitted only to the clients.

Some universities felt aggrieved and reported the case of fake documents to the police. In a series of investigations conducted by the police, our team received summons to be questioned as a witness and submitted evidence to be taken to the next process.

Reputation is very important for organizations, universities and companies alike. Therefore, make sure you always conduct a background check during the hiring process.

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