Lessons learned from the scandal of the quack doctor of the Indonesian football team

By 21 December 2021 Articles

quack doctorThe reputation of Indonesian football has recently been tarnished once again after the quack doctor scandal emerged in the PS Sleman soccer team. After working for 11 years in many of Indonesia’s elite soccer clubs, no one realized that Elwizan Aminudin is a quack doctor. He faked his medical certificate using the name of one of the leading public universities in Indonesia.

This case went viral after a doctor tweeted that Aminudin is not registered with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and the Indonesian Medical College (KKI). From the tweet, PT Liga Indonesia Baru conducted an investigation, and it was proven that the diploma in question was not registered. PS Sleman has also reported it to the police on the grounds of fraud.

This fake doctor scandal is not an easy matter. The position of a doctor is vital in supporting the health and safety of the players. With the findings regarding his fake diploma, Aminudin had actually been committing malpractices all this time. Recently, it has also come to light that a few complaints have been submitted by players and officials regarding his medical treatment.

In the end, hiring personnel with fake diplomas risks financial losses and damages the reputation of any organization. The lesson to be learned is that it is important for organizations to verify educational documents. This seeks to prevent the recruitment of candidates with inappropriate educational qualifications.

As for educational institutions or universities whose names are used on fake diplomas, their reputations are also threatened. Therefore, apart from carrying out their functions honestly, educational institutions must also do more to safeguard their reputation by verifying their alumni diplomas.

These days however, document verifications by telephone, email, and fax are often inefficient. A one-stop verification platform is the answer to this problem. Through a one-stop verification platform such as www.education-verification.com, the document verification process will be more efficient in terms of time and resources. In the Education Verification platform, the name of the verifier is recorded in the system, which maintains accountability in the verification process. Moreover, the verification is done in a two-step process: verification by the academic staff and confirmation by a supervisor, which promotes a check-and-balance process. All results can be accounted for and are guaranteed to be accurate.


Photo by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography on Unsplash

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