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Education Verification bridges verification requests for alumni diplomas of Andalas University from domestic and international companies. The verification system features a user-friendly, efficient, and centralized platform. The verification results can be obtained in a matter of days, and graduates will indeed benefit in terms of fluency in satisfying recruitment standards.

Asrul Ikhya, MAP.Academic Sub Coordinator, Division of Academic and Evaluation
Universitas Andalas, Indonesia (Andalas University)

The website of Education Verification is accessible wherever and whenever as long as an internet connection is available. This makes it faster for us to address the requests for verification of diplomas and alumni transcipts, especially during a pandemic where we work on shift between home and office.

Assoc. Prof. The, Jaya Suteja, Ph.D.Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia (University of Surabaya)

We are delighted to collaborate with Minerva Education Verification. With Minerva Education Verification's assistance, the verification process of our alumni's education has become faster and more efficient.
Minerva Education Verification team has demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism in handling our requests. They are responsive to our inquiries, provide clear guidance, and ensure that all documents are verified accurately.
We greatly appreciate Minerva Education Verification's efforts in accelerating the verification process of our alumni's education. Thank you for the outstanding service. I highly recommend Minerva Education Verification to any institution seeking a secure, efficient, and reliable solution for verifying alumni education.

Dra. Sri Handayani, M.SiAcademic Administration Bureau (BAA) of Nasional University

We are well aware of the importance of personal data protection, and Education Verification has brought about an innovative change where requests for certificate verification are centralized through a one-door system and the process is carried out according to the compliance standards

Agung Eko WibowoBadan Sertifikasi Manajemen Risiko, Indonesia
(Risk Management Certification Body)

Minerva Education platform has delivered a new innovation in Indonesia by integrating certificate verification requests and compliance in one platform. Requests can only be made with a consent letter and a copy of the certificate. The platform also has a layering system in place, in which verification is carried out in a two-step process: admin staff verification and supervisor confirmation, promoting check-and-balance. All verification results are traceable and guaranteed to be accurate. This collaboration is extremely helpful to us.

Eni RenatiSecretariat of the Indonesian Mutual Funds & Investments Association Board, Dewan Asosiasi Pelaku Reksa Dana & Investasi Indonesia (Dewan APRDI)