Quack Doctor Incident and the Urgency of Diploma Verification

By Posted 28 February 2024 February 29th, 2024 Articles

Quack doctorsThe recent arrest of a quack doctor within the Indonesian U-19 national team, who was discovered to be utilizing a fake diploma certificate, serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of thorough diploma verification. The use of fake diplomas not only harms the individuals involved but also undermines the credibility of educational institutions, businesses, and society.

The impact of this situation can result in various costs, spanning from diminished credibility to financial losses, and even posing a threat to public safety.

The main factor that must be emphasized when determining the importance of verifying diplomas is the discrepancy between the claims or information presented in the fake diploma and the actual competence of the diploma holder.

Why Do You Need to Verify Your Diploma Independently?

Diploma verification serves to confirm the authenticity and validity of the document. This process can be approached from two perspectives: the company seeking to recruit potential candidates and the candidate who holds the diploma.

For companies, verifying the diploma certificates of prospective candidates is an important step to ensure the credibility and quality of their human resources. 

As for candidates, verifying diplomas provides several benefits, such as:

  1. Verifying diplomas increases the likelihood of being hired. While exact statistics may not be available, recruiters are certainly more inclined to choose candidates with verified certificates over those without. This practice helps minimize the risk of making poor hiring decisions during the recruitment process, thereby reducing potential losses.
  2. The job application process frequently necessitates submitting original certificates as evidence of qualifications, particularly in sectors such as banking, energy and mineral resources, and security. 
  3. In addition to being a requirement for enrollment in higher education, diploma verification is also necessary for obtaining a skill license. Many universities now require proof of graduation from the previous level of education for individuals seeking further studies. Furthermore, certain professional organizations, such as those representing doctors and accountants, mandate diploma verification as part of the licensing process for applicants.

Education Verification Platform

Actually, diploma holders and institutions in Indonesia can check the validity of educational certificates through public websites. However, it is unfortunate that most data centers only provide information for alumni who graduated within the last 10 to 15 years.

Drawing lessons from the situation above, individuals requiring third-party verification of their certificates can proactively undertake the verification process independently through organizations offering such services. Nonetheless, it is crucial to ensure that the organization conducting the certificate verification maintains a reputable and independent status.

Therefore, you can verify your diploma easily and securely through Education Verification, a platform specializing in diploma verification and partnering with numerous educational institutions. Education Verification offers several advantages, including:

  • A streamlined and straightforward verification process. Users simply need to fill out the form provided on the platform.
  • Accurate and reliable verification results, ensuring certainty for individuals in need of the information.
  • Ensuring the security of verified data by implementing policies that comply with the Personal Data Protection Law, thereby safeguarding user privacy.
  • Employing technology capable of preventing diploma forgery, thereby ensuring the validity of the verified documents.

All verification results are documented and accounted for. Education verification also ensures that all educational institutions partnering with us are accredited. 

Verify your diploma now.

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