6 ways universities can assist graduates in landing jobs

By 15 February 2022 Articles

jobs candidatesCompetition for employment is expected to become even more challenging. While the pandemic’s impact has begun to recede, the wave of disruption caused by rapid technology advancements is also a factor. 

This is a problem both for graduates and universities. The more graduates who are placed in jobs, the better the university’s reputation. There are various things universities can do to assist their alumni in obtaining jobs, including the following:

  1. Provide a career center in partnership with numerous companies.
  2. Provide an internship program. Alumni must be proficient not just academically, but also in practice. 
  3. Career counseling
  4. Job fair exhibition
  5. Alumni network. The network will streamline and broaden alumni’s access to information about career prospects.
  6. Verification of alumni diplomas. Verification requests received by universities are usually from employers doing candidate screening. Universities can assist in expediting the process of verifying their graduates’ degrees by utilizing the education verification platform service.

This one-stop platform bridges all incoming verification requests. The document verification process will be more efficient in terms of time and resources. On the Education Verification platform, the name of the verifier is recorded in the system, which maintains accountability in the verification process. TAT is measurable so companies that are recruiting alumni can estimate when the verification results will be received.

In addition, the verification is carried out in a two-step process: verification by academic staff and confirmation by supervisors, which drives the check-and-balance process. All results can be accounted for and guaranteed to be accurate. We also take several steps in the verification process to support the privacy of alumni data, one of which is by requesting a consent letter from alumni. As for universities themselves, partnering with Education Verification is an effort to protect their reputation from the risk of fake diplomas.

Now you can ease the verification with a few practical and measurable steps, maintain the reputation of your university, as well as support your alumni career. Be our partner today!


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