The Onboarding of Andalas University to Education Verification

By 4 March 2021 Articles

andalas university universitas andalasAfter the signing of the cooperation agreement between Education Verification and Andalas University in December 2020, the onboarding process took place virtually on Tuesday (16/02). One of the goals of onboarding is familiarizing the use of the Education Verification platform. This meeting was also an important moment marking the exclusive collaboration between the two institutions in the use of a centralized and accountable platform for certificate and alumni transcripts verification.

The onboarding process, including the website demo and account activation, was attended by Mr. Joni Syahril, SH., MM, Head of the Academic and Evaluation Section of Andalas University, Mr. Asrul Ikhya, S.Ap, Head of the Academic Sub Division, and Mrs. Elsa Rahmadani, academic staff.

Previously, requests for verification of alumni certificates received from companies conducting background screening for prospective employees were handled manually by the rectorate. The presence of the Education Verification platform has changed the conventional way to be more effective and efficient where requests are received through a one-door system.

The internet-based Education Verification platform can be accessed anywhere as long as an internet network is available. The use of this platform provides a plus, especially during a pandemic in which officers are scheduled to work alternately between home and office.

This meeting was closed with the hope that the collaboration could provide more benefits to the university and its alumni when it comes to background screening and fighting counterfeit education certificates.




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