Two-layer verification guarantees the accuracy of diploma verification results

By 9 November 2022 Articles

two layer verification“One falls, a thousand spring up” is a famous Indonesian proverb that is quite appropriate to describe the rising cases of diploma counterfeiting. Although many perpetrators of counterfeiting have been arrested, the cases continue to reign through various modus operandi.

Therefore, it is more essential than ever for institutions to verify their alumni’s diplomas. Accurate verification results can only be obtained if the process is carried out in accordance with the principle of checks and balances.

The modus of bogus diplomas

There are several common methods that are used by perpetrators of diploma counterfeiting. The first method is by issuing diplomas from institutions that do not have permission from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek). Second, diplomas are issued to individuals who have never studied at the institution. Third, the diploma is issued to an individual who has only attended one semester at the university.

Many parties are harmed by diploma counterfeiting, such as the institution whose name is written on the fake diploma, institutions or companies that employ employees with fake diplomas, and even the users of fake diplomas themselves, who can be subject to legal sanctions, at the least.

With regard to companies, verifying the authenticity of diplomas is important in the recruitment process to ensure the integrity of their prospective employees. On the institutional side, this verification proves to be important in maintaining alumni data, as well as the reputation of the institution itself.

Efforts are needed from stakeholders to prevent the circulation of fake diplomas. One of the main effective methods is through diploma verification.

Diploma verification with two-layer verification

In practice, verification of diplomas and certificates, which are usually conducted through telephone, email or fax, are often less efficient and less transparent. Therefore, a comprehensive and all-encompassing “one-stop” verification platform is needed.

By being an Education Verification partner, institutions can verify diplomas and certificates more efficiently and effectively in terms of time and resources.

The diploma verification process is carried out using the Two-Layer Verification method. This method aims to ensure the accuracy of the verification results.

Two-Layer Verification is carried out by the staff of the institution that issued the diploma. Furthermore, the results of the verification will be checked and reconfirmed by the supervisor in accordance with the principle of the check and balance system.

All verification results can be tracked and can be accounted for, and are guaranteed to be accurate. Education Verification also ensures that all institutions that join as partners are accredited.

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