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By Posted 6 April 2021 April 15th, 2021 Articles

reputationFor some people, the idea of falsely claiming a degree can be too tempting to resist! Little did they know that putting false education information on their CV and buying a fake certificate would be considered a major fraudulent behavior. Based on an article published by Johannan Sims on Cil!sos, it is fairly easy to get a fake certificate. Some are easily purchased online. Some universities even sell them.   

We found a case involving an individual who obtained a fake certificate from a small institute claiming to be affiliated with a well-known local university. 

The background screening company accordingly checked the document’s authenticity. The University verified that the certificate was not issued by them and the person in question had forged the certificate. The University then decided to press charges against the person. 

The University informed that they were able to easily flag the certificate as fake based on the logo, student number, and its unauthorized signature. They had no choice but to file a police report against the person. It was critical to ensure that the same situation would not happen again as it would jeopardize their reputation.

This case emphasizes the importance of background screening, especially as more people are forging certificates to secure a job.  Background check would ensure that all information pertaining to a candidate is legitimate. Hiring an incompetent person would be detrimental to a company. Additionally, allotted time and money in the process of hiring would be wasted when a company ends up hiring the wrong / unfit candidate. 

The purpose of the screening is to give employers a sense of confidence and peace of mind that their employees are suitable for the job. 


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